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What We Do

SOLINK is a specialist renewable energy advisory and project facilitator. Our team of experts has years of experience in the renewable energy industry and is dedicated to helping businesses make informed decisions when it comes to investing in renewable energy.

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SOLINK will investigate the potential of renewable energy for your facilities, defining system specifications, project budgets and development requirements

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SOLINK connects energy producers and consumers, offering competitive, well structured energy deals from reputable suppliers. It leverages its vast network and economies of scale for mutual benefits. 

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SOLTRAK Platform is the perfect solution for your solar energy performance monitoring  needs. It is designed to provide efficient energy storage and tracking, helping you maximize the potential of your solar energy system.

SOLINK will take the hassle and risk out of renewable energy system procurement, by developing and running a renewable energy procurement process on your behalf. 

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SOLINK will control project variations, completion and payment milestones, while ensuring the construction quality and schedule are delivered as agreed.

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SOLINK will ensure that the final system design and all key contracts are practical, bankable, ensure optimal system performance and protect your company

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About Us

SOLINK is a specialized renewable energy facilitator that assists C&I companies in taking renewable energy and storage projects from feasibility to commissioning.

SOLINK has extensive knowledge of all the major suppliers in the market, the latest technologies, current legislation, legal requirements, and system construction and financing costs.


SOLINK can assess the business case, structure and run your procurement process, manage the legal contracts required to appoint suppliers, oversee the project construction, and, once constructed, independently monitors your system's performance to ensure optimal outputs in line with the agreed arrangements.


SOLINK will significantly decrease both the time and the associated risks of procuring a cost-saving, clean energy system for your business. 

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"SOLINK’s service offering proved to have added value to our solar PV procurement process, by reducing the cost, internal efforts and duration as well as identifying and mitigating any associated risks."

Old Mutual Properties – National Technical Manager

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