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Unlock the Power of Solar Energy with SOLINK Services

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SOLINK is a technology company that provides innovative solutions to simplify the process of procuring the most effective, correctly specified technology solutions. With rising electricity tariffs and falling costs of renewable energy, the decision of whether or not to invest in renewable energy solutions has become a simple one. But the process of finding the right technology solution can be filled with obstacles. That's where SOLINK comes in. We use our expertise and experience to help you find the best technology solutions for your business needs.


SOLINK is highly skilled in assessing your tariff structure, available space, and electricity load, assessing licencing requirements, completing PV designs and solar yield assessments.

SOLINK can complete detailed system business case analyses for both direct purchase and financed solar solutions for both embedded solar systems and for hybrid battery generator systems.


SOLINK will investigate the potential of renewable energy solutions for all your facilities.

Solar Panels Technicians
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SOLINK specializes in the origination, development and tendering of large-scale renewable energy projects. SOLINK will create your renewable energy procurement strategy, structure your renewable energy tender process in the most efficient way, while only working with the best, vetted suppliers and technologies, saving you significant time & money while also de-risking the project.

By detailing the system technical specifications and construction timelines SOLINK will ensure you will get competitive and comparable pricing from vetted suppliers who can deliver on their proposals. 


SOLINK will take the hassle and risk out of renewable energy system procurement.

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SOLINK has extensive experience in negotiating Engineering Procurement & Construction contracts, Power Purchase Agreements, Operation & Maintenance agreements, and a host of other legal contracts critical to the procurement and operations of renewable energy systems.

SOLINK will also complete a detailed review of the final system design, stipulate suitable payment milestones, control any acceptable project variations, and lock in a detailed construction program. 


SOLINK will ensure that all key contracts are practical, bankable, ensure optimal system performance and protect your company.

Installing Solar Panels
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SOLINK will monitor the construction process, milestone payments, project snags list, performance tests and commissioning, completion certificates,  enforce delayed damages, project design, and schedule variation requests.


SOLINK will ensure all project permits are completed on time and that all equipment designs, warranties and shop drawings are handed over to the client after the final completion of the site.


SOLINK will ensure the project is built to design and on schedule.

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SOLTRAK is a service designed to give renewable energy owners complete visibility into the performance of their solar assets, developed to demystify performance metrics and communicate a clear answer to the question - is my asset performing as well as it should be?


SOLTRAK aims to address the challenges owners face in managing the operation of their renewable assets by offering:

  • Independent performance reporting provides a comprehensive insight into an asset’s all-around performance.

  • Support setting up an O&M agreement between owners and Service Providers with a fair and transparent framework to adjudicate underperformance.

  • Access to the SOLTRAK platform which provides real-time access to performance metrics for an asset portfolio in one location.

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SOLINK acts as a wheeled energy broker between energy producers and consumers.


We offer fairly structured, competitive wheeled energy opportunities from vetted IPPs to consumers. Utilizing our extensive network of renewable energy IPPs and C&I consumers, SOLINK is able to aggregate both generation and load, providing significant economies of scale to both IPPs and consumers.


Please get in touch with us if you are interested in getting well-structured, competitive wheeled energy from reputable suppliers or are interested to learn more about our wheeled energy brokerage role.

Click the button below to download our SOLINK wheeled energy brochure and learn more about how you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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